Our Manifesto!

o Power of Table

We believe that we can be a unifying factor with our gastronomy places in the new world where separations and isolation have increased considerably.

o Simple is Smart

With our motto "The mind works with emotion", we see "gastronomy" as the simplest way to reach all five senses at the same time.

o Integrity and Functionality

We are nourished by the Bauhaus movement, and we develop strategies with a collective consensus by blending the consumer experience with masters, apprentices, craftsmen, who are experts in the field of gastronomy.

o Respect to Locals

Although we think globally, we care about our local values. We feel extra responsibility in terms of geographical marking, local products, cooperatives, producer and farmer support.

o Good Food Good Life

We see the future of food and agriculture as the future of our quality of life. We support sustainability in every field that touches gastronomy and act with a sense of social responsibility.

o 1 Brand 1 Country

We know well that a country develops many sectors in the supply chain with a well-planned gastronomy strategy and its positive effect on the global destiny and image of that country. With this awareness, we develop business by planning the added value of each of our projects to the country.

o Our Ultimate Purpose

To lead brands and projects that make a difference globally in gastronomy.